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Application Service Management

We’ve been helping our Customers working in IT Operations to visualise and manage their key services the way they want to see them for a long time.

There are also, of course, many different definitions of service, and the one we really focus on for IT Operation Customers is; Application Service Management. You can read more about this definition in our Whitepaper by our sister Company ServiceVisual here. 

A recurring theme is that they ask us to create the infamous “Single Pane of Glass”. Where they can view the health of their key services by integrating data from multiple data sources or tools and intelligently display Service Availability.
We often find this concept needs further discussion and development with our Customer, to truly get them somewhere that the work involved in creating such views and workflows is justifiable and Operationally beneficial.
We find many Vendors talk about “Single Pane of Glass” or “Manager of Managers”, but the reality is often disappointing for end users. They seem to either end up with uncorrelated and unintelligent data “dumped” into a dashboard or a complex platform that take too long (and costs too much) to create in the first place, and often is impossible to keep up to date.

The key to doing this successfully is the perfect combination of software tech, proven workflow, and discovery and service configuration expertise.

We deliver this ability in two flavours, one of which is a fully delivered Managed Service. Feel free to get in touch or view our recent video where one of our Solution Architects explains the challenge and approach in more detail.

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