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Server Monitoring Solutions

Most businesses, organisations and enterprises utilise a system to provide or assist in providing a network service to process requests and deliver data to other client’s computers over a local network or the internet. This system is what is referred to as a server. 

The foundations of Information Technology (IT) lie within servers and since most businesses, organisations and enterprises use IT to run the basics of their trade ensuring servers are kept healthy and at their optimum levels of performance 24 hours a day 7 days a week is extremely important.
This is not always as simple as it sounds which is often why server monitoring software is frequently used as a solution. With multiple server platforms being used within most enterprises (whatever their size) their monitoring can often be complex, meaning that a more unified and complete solution is often the only option. 

Network servers are usually shaped with additional processors, memory and extra storage solutions and can come in the form of:
•    Proxy server
•    Web server
•    FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Server
•    Online gaming servers
•    Print server
•    E-mail server 

While many are run on networked computers some can be run on a dedicated computer which can have several servers running at the same time, because these provide essential services, such as the above, across a network it is imperative to know that they are working correctly.
Most server monitoring software not only offer monitoring but reporting and alerting meaning that companies can stay on top of their server’s performance, availability and capacity. Therefore a high-quality piece of server monitoring software will allow the user to generate log files, performance charts and generate details of the responses to queries made by clients over time.  Such software doesn’t just provide ineffective data but in fact allows the user to put it to use when they tweak settings in order to provide optimal performance options for their clients.
Server monitoring software starts with minimal features and the more platforms you want the software to monitor the more complex it can get.
An example would be the monitoring of a web server where checks would range from the minimal task of checking that the web server machine is set up and responding and a more complex task would ask if the web server responds with the correct content when accessing a page on the server with known content.
When you employ the services of Kedron UK you will note that our server and network monitoring software goes beyond just asking whether the server is up and cares more about what the server is doing and whether it is working.
With more than ten years of experience in server monitoring you can be confident that Kedron UK can deliver the correct service tailor made for your business or organisation’s server.
Choosing the correct monitoring services can be confusing which is why we use our expertise and work alongside you to determine what it is that you want to come out of the software that you choose.
By using the software of our key partners Infosim and Solarwinds to provide quality assurance and management of your sever or network, Kedron UK can ensure the easy integration of your chosen monitoring solution without any harmful effects or disturbance to your business and instant and direct results.
For any questions that you have concerning our server monitoring software and services – contact us.

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