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Application Performance Monitoring Benefits

Application Performance Monitoring vs Management 

Software applications have evolved over the past decade to become the very heart of global businesses, storing, aiding and sourcing information that is fundamental to a company’s every day running.

In today’s economy therefore, it is a necessity to avoid any problems that could bring a customer facing application down and cost your business money. This is where application performance monitoring can make the difference when attempting to gain the competitive edge against similar businesses and ensure the seamless running of your business.

In the field of IT then, application performance monitoring (APM) ensures the availability of your applications and aims to detect, diagnose and prevent any problems that you may encounter which could interrupt expected levels of service. You want to ensure positive user experiences to make every transaction beneficial, building loyal customers that keep returning.

At present APM is in a time of intense competition, with a variety of viewpoints on what APM actually is we find ourselves in a quandary between monitoring and management – which we think the umbrella term covers comprehensively.

While monitoring as a tool demands accurate expectation predictions followed by flawless implementation, management pre-empts what we want the software to become or evolve into thereby involving analysis, modelling and planning.

APM therefore is a method of guiding the journey that your software takes creating new frames where needed and stitching together your core business values with IT analysis and management.

Applying such monitoring involves a high scale of trust in your applications, chosen IT vendor and monitoring software which is where we at Kedron UK aim to assist, by providing you with a comprehensive range of APM technologies to choose from, all of which combine monitoring and management.

Our solutions all incorporate varied methods and technologies to enable us to individually tailor an APM server for you with the purpose of the ultimate goal of:
  1. Defining your application performance so that we know in which direction your application is heading
  2.  Monitoring the performance of the application to enable us to alert businesses to a potential issue before customers encounter a problem. We use a broad range of software solutions to accurately monitor applications across a diverse range of industry sectors but many of our solutions do feature: 
  • Diagnostics, which enable you to find the root cause of the problem your application is encountering 
  • Predictive analytics, so that following a problem the software can predict and manage possible trends which could be encountered further down the line, meaning that it becomes a pro-active method of maximising your businesses performance.
  • Experience management, meaning that the happiness of the user is the fundamental purpose of the software to ensure increased revenue and a high quality reputation.
  • Enhanced analysis, this provides results for potential problems that would otherwise not be detected with a simple management system. 
We use various software partners who are among some of the best in the industry to maximise your application monitoring from partners Network Instruments, who we have worked with for more than 10 years, through to Correlsense, who we think deliver the best solution on the market for IT Operation Professionals looking to address poor performing applications.

Upon embarking on a new monitoring project we will work with you to ensure the seamless integration of your chosen software partner meaning that there will be no disruption to the everyday running of your business.

We carry out a comprehensive assessment on technical and business needs beforehand and place a focus on the current tools you use and the environment the management tools will be placed in.

For a comprehensive list of our APM partners and how they can help you with application performance monitoring for your business then click here.

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