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How Mature is Your IT Ops?

KedronUK has been working in Network, Application and Service Management with some of the UK’s largest Enterprises for over 15 years, and in that time has seen many of its Customers progress through what Gartner describes as, the IT Service Assurance Maturity Model. 

Many Customers get stuck at a particular level and focus on firefighting immediate challenges, without a strategic roadmap or direction of where their investment in Monitoring is going to take them.

The result of this is multiple un-associated purchases that may answer today's problem, but require a totally new investment for tomorrows next challenge. This results in a “zoo of tools”. 

KedronUK can clearly see that many organisations are looking to advance in IT Service Assurance Maturity, but find they don’t get time to plan for this due to immediate issues. The pragmatic truth is that in order to achieve all of the short and long-term requirements, the answer does not lie in one Vendor technology or management data source.

Another fact that should be considered is that often when consulting with organisations we find that there are multiple sources of trusted information already within the business. These data sources can be integrated and utilised alongside new monitoring technology to provide an enriched and more service aligned view. 

Typical targets for this include:

·     Public Cloud Provider Data
·     Service Desk Data (ServiceNow etc)
·     Existing Domain Monitoring Tools
·     CMDB
·     Business Intelligence Data

Therefore, typically when KedronUK proposes a solution to the Customer, we look to build management platform ecosystem that will allow integration of data source that they already possess and also those that they may wish to invest in later, without any Vendor lock-in. 

This approach provides unrivaled future proofing, flexibility and effectively a Single Pane of Glass of all stakeholders which simplifies reporting and reduces incident triage time.

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