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Part 1: Approach to Implement Hybrid Cloud Model

In a recent article from Charles Rich explains, companies need to think carefully before start following trend of cloud computing. It’s certain that enterprises will move to cloud in coming years but not every type of business. Those businesses where application performance is the major factor, increase in latency value could be the cause to lose business and those who kept private & confidential data for intelligence purpose. Charles mentioned that if these types of enterprises want to adopt cloud then Hybrid cloud service model is the most suitable one for them. Now question is that How to approach this model?

At first it’s necessary to understand what Hybrid Cloud Service Model is, I saw different types of definitions at various places but amazingly the all are very much similar just in different words. The one I am using it very easy to understand. It's available at (

" A hybrid cloud is a composition of at least one private cloud and at least one public cloud. A hybrid cloud is typically offered in one of two ways: a vendor has a private cloud and forms a partnership with a public cloud provider, or a public cloud provider forms a partnership with a vendor that provides private cloud platforms." Click Here  for complete article.

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