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Reducing the Weight of Your APM Tool Bag

As KedronUK are exclusively focussed in the area of Network, Application and Business Service Performance Management, we are constantly reviewing the Market to help our Customers achieve the visibility they need, in the most operationally and cost-efficient way possible.

When it comes to Application Performance Management (APM) there are several disciplines and data source types our Clients can access. As we have discussed previously, there is usually merit in mixing perspective to get the best and most holistic view of what’s happening.

However this doesn’t mean that we support the practice of running as many monitoring tools or platforms as possible - that's confusing, expensive and means you will have lots of functional cross-over.

The key is to enable our Customers to get to the answers they need in a way that works with their unique environment and work process in the most simplified way.

When it comes to selecting tools that means selecting solutions that provide the best ‘common denominator’ for the unique application mix within their environment.

Due to the unstoppable trend Digital Transformation and disruption, Transactional APM tools have seen somewhat of a renaissance with several start-ups disrupting the Market themselves and becoming APM Market leaders.

The benefit of many of these tools has been toppling the legacy Vendors and pushing the boundaries, creating better UI’s, smarter features and APM tools that meet the demands of modern DevOp / AIOPs environments.

However in their quest to become to the APM Vendor of choice for the brave new world, some APM Vendors seem to forget that in the real-world, not all Enterprises are operating exclusively modern .Net and Java and PHP applications.

KedronUK has found many of its Clients want a single APM interface for both newly architected applications and their legacy or complex in-house applications.

For this reason KedronUK frequently recommend SharePath by Correlsense who deliver the benefits of being a disruptive APM Vendor who are recognised on the Gartner Magic Quadrant, but also provide the most complete answer to our Customers most common APM requirements.

The technologies they cover include:

Apache • IIS • Java • .NET • C++ • PHP • Windows • Citrix • Desktop Applications • Oracle Forms • Documentum • Linux • AIX • Solaris • HPUX

To book a demo of SharePath with one of our Solution Architects click here

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