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Here at Kedron we are dedicated to providing our customers with effective network performance tools; we sell from many of the biggest brands in the industry, including NIKSUN. 

The NIKSUN NetDetector Alpine is one of the most popular appliances for network performance monitoring; it competently monitors networks for “performance, security and policy compliance” which is why it is used by businesses across all industries. 

It was the first technology of its kind to oversee vast, complex network environments in a way that is akin to a “camera recording real-life events” and works alongside security tools such as firewalls to defend network services and infrastructure .

This allows it to identify patterns in traffic and to measure, analyse, and report any phenomenon that has a negative impact on the reliability or integrity of networks. In other words it can troubleshoot issues before they have a potentially negative impact. 

NIKSUN Alpine combines the purpose of deep packet inspection with real-time analysis. (“Deep packet inspection” refers to a type of networking packet filtering in which data is examined and passed through an inspection point where non-compliant intrusions, spam, viruses, etc are located.)
With ongoing developments to modern technology, there is more data to analyse than ever before. However, NIKSUN technology has been designed in response to rapid and vast data: its “multidimensional scaling approach” allows it to capture and analyse data at speeds of up to 20Gbps and its deep visualization techniques allow users access to an exceptional level of insight. 

Not only does it capture vast amounts of data which is closely analysed for the deepest insight and quick resolving of any problems, but “an increased number of views for multivariate data analysis” are provided to users so that they can obtain data which is tailored to what they need. 

If you would like to find more information about NIKSUN or feel that it may be something that your business could benefit from, get in touch on  01782 752 369.

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