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Reducing the Weight of Your APM Tool Bag

As KedronUK are exclusively focussed in the area of Network, Application and Business Service Performance Management, we are constantly reviewing the Market to help our Customers achieve the visibility they need, in the most operationally and cost-efficient way possible.

When it comes to Application Performance Management (APM) there are several disciplines and data source types our Clients can access. As we have discussed previously, there is usually merit in mixing perspective to get the best and most holistic view of what’s happening.

New SolarWinds Orion Release – An Overview by our Resident SolarWinds Expert

Our resident SolarWinds Expert Brian Steele shares his opinions on the latest updates from SolarWinds and what they mean to the current users.

Brian is an extremely experienced consultant specialising in SolarWinds and has led the delivery of many of our largest and most complex SolarWinds deployments, along with our Team of SolarWinds Certified Engineers.

The team specialises in helping SolarWinds users to get the most out of their software investment, this includes system optimisation, custom dashboards, custom reports, complex alerting structures and integration with 3rd party systems for an integrated approach to IT Operations.

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This is a significant release with some interesting and practical new features to help you save time and resources. If you are running your SolarWinds ORION system on Windows/SQL 2008 I strongly recommend upgrading to Windows 2012/2016 and SQL 2014/2016 to future proof your investment. If you still think you don’t want to upgrade then bear in mind that I have read all 71 of the following fix notices (and this is just for ORION Platform Services and NPM) and have found several fixed issues relating to polling lockups, inconsistent data, resource hogging and performance.


On the 13th September 2017 SolarWinds released significant updates across a raft of modules. For the last three weeks I have been working with these new modules performing installs, upgrades and feature investigations… here are my findings:

New Module Releases:
  • ORION Platform Services – 2017.3
  • NPM (Network Performance Monitor) - v12.2
  • NTA (NetFlow Traffic Analyser) – v4.2.3
  • NCM (Network Configuration Manager) – v7.7
  • SAM (Server & Application Monitor) – v6.4 HF1
  • WPM (Web Performance Monitor) – v2.2.1
  • VM (Virtualisation Manager) – v8.0
  • SRM (Storage Recourse Monitor) – v6.5
  • IPAM (IP Address Manager) – v4.5.2
  • VNQM (VoIP & Network Quality Manager) – v4.4.1

So what are the BIG changes?

New Install Process - The first big change is the new installation process, which I have been eagerly anticipating for the last 12+ months. Gone is the old cumbersome installation process, which required you to download then install modules one by one and then manually apply the required patches. With the new installation process, you select the modules you need from a list and everything else (download, install & patch) is automated for you. I was able to install all ten modules in 90 minutes compared to 1-2 days.

Considerations for Monitoring Citrix


We find that questions about effectively monitoring Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp (collectively referred to as Citrix in the rest of this article) performance occur frequently when we are discussing application and network performance with our Clients.

We’ve noticed an increase in enquiries in this area over the last 2 years, which we expect is related to a combination of increased adoption of home working and BYOD as well as more enterprises reviewing Citrix as a potential cost saving option when they need to refresh desktops.

KedronUK and ExtraHop Join Forces to Deliver Deeper IT Performance Insights for UK Enterprises

NPM and APM Experts Turn to Wire Data Analytics to Solve Complex Performance Issues and Aid Troubleshooting

LONDON, UK - August 1, 2016 – ExtraHop, the global leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT intelligence and business operations, today announced a partnership with KedronUK, a leading network and application performance management consultancy. KedronUK helps organisations increase visibility and control across network and application infrastructure by combining leading technology, knowledge and services. KedronUK customers include Vodafone, William Hill, Hertfordshire County Council, Barratt Developments and Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue.

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