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A quick guide to Server Monitoring Software

Any modern business relies heavily on having a dependable IT network that functions efficiently all of the time. When a network goes down it means a loss in business activity – most modern businesses rely on an internet connection all day and when employees cannot connect they cannot do their work.

Inevitably a lost connection means wasted time and therefore wasted money for the employer. Not only that, but if you provide a service to customers that requires you to connect to the internet, or if you manage websites on a network that you have set up, when the network goes down you are no longer providing customers with the service that they have paid for. 

Server monitoring is a preventative measure which is installed to detect any minor issues with a network. Minor issues can quickly spiral into larger, more damaging ones which is why it is important to detect and address them as soon as possible. This type of monitoring is a “process of continuously scanning servers” so that whenever a problem does occur it can quickly be resolved.

With Server Monitoring Software any change in the state of a server is immediately reported, allowing you to monitor all of your important files- and you can even personalise alerts to your individual business’ needs. 

Not only will your new software allow you to generate log files, but it will also enable you to generate performance charts and details of the responses to queries made by clients over time.

It really is commonsense for any business that relies on a good network to have this kind of software installed. 

Kedron have over 10 years of experienced in server monitoring so you can be confident that when you buy from us you are investing in high quality equipment. If you have any questions about our products or how they can help you, feel free to get in touch.

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