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A Smart Approach For WAN Optimization by Exinda Unified Performance Management

Unified Performance Management is a new concept to many in the WAN Optimization industry. But at Exinda, our teams have lived and breathed this concept for several years.What is it exactly? It's the integration of tools that give you visibility into what is happening on your network, the ability to control your network traffic, and to optimize your network for better application performance and user experience - all within a SINGLE appliance.
Exinda_Unified_Performance_ManagementCan you achieve of these elements - control, visibility and optimization - be achieved by assembling a number of appliances that specialize in each function? Yes. But why would you?
Consider today's smart phones, and the efficiencies they offer consumers. Remember back when you would head off on a business trip - or even on vacation - and half of your carry on luggage would be filled with electronic devices? I remember packing my cell phone to make calls, my Palm Pilot to keep track of my itinerary, my laptop to check emails and create or edit documents, my camera (since I'm in marketing, a camera was always essential), and if I wanted to entertain myself on the flight, a music player and maybe even a game console. Plus power cords, ethernet cables, connector cables, etc. needed to keep these devices running and/or transfer data from one device to another. Now I can get on a plane with just my smartphone, and know that I can accomplish everything I need to while I am away. I save time, all of the functions I need are integrated, and I have one device to carry. It does more for less.

Exinda's Unified Performance Management has done the same thing for network managers. With visibility, control and optimization in a single device, there is one appliance to install at each point, meaning only one space in the rack, one power supply for the unit, and one platform on which all of the elements are based.

When it comes time to refresh your WAN optimization or acceleration strategy, it makes sense to choose an appliance that can do more for less....less space, less time to install and manage, and less hardware to accommodate.

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