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Investing in the cloud? Manage the Cloud alongside your datacentre services, in one pane of glass!


StableNet provide end-to-end, authentic problem analysis of application, system, and network failures. This is the process of pinpointing failures and their effects on a managed system. StableNet use a combination of threshold monitoring, SNMP trap processing and Syslog processing to perform authentic problem analysis in real time. StableNet uses a top-down approach that starts by identifying the problems that affect managed systems and that are important to identify and correlate.

Why StableNet?

  • StableNet is an efficient, effective and reliable solution.
  • StableNet provides monitoring, management and optimization of IT systems and networks.
  • StableNet helps to align your IT with your business goals.
  • StableNet facilitates the implementation of ITIL best practice concepts.
  • StableNet is a key enabler for utility computing and on-demand IT concepts.
Organization Benefits:
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TOC) and rapid ROI.
  • Save costs and generate synergy.
  • Manage your IT systems end-to-end.
  • Provide targeted information when and where needed to the right person.
  • Grows with your requirements.
  • Enables you to quickly fix the problem.
  • Saves money and provides a consolidated single pane of glass.

StableNet allows you to:

  • Independently measure and report SLA's agreed with your Provider.
  • Alert on End user experience of Software / Platform as a Service solutions.
  • View the operational status of your hosted Infrastructure.
  • Interface with performance APIs from service providers.
  • Create End to End service View combining the Cloud & your own Infrastructure.
  • Locate root cause of performance issues.

About Kedron UK Ltd

Kedron provides a wide range of network monitoring and traffic analysis Solutions and Support services that add true value to a company or organisation; from Proof of Concept right through to solution delivery and optimisation, Kedron works with clients to ensure complete satisfaction and maximisation of their network investment.

All of the solutions we propose are from providers who are leaders in their market, ensuring complete commitment to continuous product development.
Solutions are selected because they compliment each other providing complete end-to-end visibility of network activity. With a team of technical consultants who are experts in their field, whatever areas of network performance are causing concern, availability, security or quality of service, Kedron can help.

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