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Use GigaStor to provide complete visibility into any network, application, or security problem

The GigaStor network recorder provides massive data collection and unique time-based analysis that eliminates the need to recreate problems, rapidly decreasing resolution time.
Storing up to 576 TB of network data for days, weeks or months, our network recorder eliminates finger-pointing between network and application teams by providing proof of what occurred. Use GigaStor to navigate to the exact moment a problem happened, and see a detailed packet-level view of before, during, and after the occurrence. Monitor LAN, WAN, Ethernet, Gigabit, 10 Gb, OC, and Fibre Channel networks.
By capturing and saving every packet traversing the network, GigaStor makes it easy to “rewind” your network, determine the source of the problem, perform comprehensive analysis, and move on. Use GigaStor to provide complete visibility into any network, application, or security problem.
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Resolving network troubles with GigaStor is an easy three-step process:
    • Isolate the timeframe and user
    • Drill down on the call
    • Let the Expert do the work
  • Compliance
  • Isolate the timeframe
    • Drill down on user data
    • Get proof
Gigastor'S main features are:
    • Quickly isolate and resolve network and application issues.
    • Ensure successful application deployments
    • Reconstruct and troubleshoot VoIP calls
    • Investigate and document compliance violations
    • Isolate transaction issues
    • Identify latency concerns
    • Track server delay
    • Monitor application-specific errors
    • NETFLOW STATISTICS VIEW Optimized for 10 Gb Analysis
    • 16-lane PCI Express card
    • Filtering and statistics performed on the Gen 2 card
    • Data and analysis processed on the GigaStor probe
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About Kedron UK Ltd
Kedron provides a wide range of network monitoring and traffic analysis Solutions and Support services that add true value to a company or organisation; from Proof of Concept right through to solution delivery and optimisation, Kedron works with clients to ensure complete satisfaction and maximisation of their network investment.

All of the solutions we propose are from providers who are leaders in their market, ensuring complete committment to continuous product development.
Solutions are selected because they compliment each other providing complete end-to-end visibility of network activity. With a team of technical consultants who are experts in their field, whatever areas of network performance are causing concern, availability, security or quality of service, Kedron can help.

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