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WAN Optimsation – busting the myths

Networking costs are continuing to rise each year while the budgets of IT departments stay the same. Throughout history implementing a Wide Area Network or WAN solution was always a key strategy implemented to lower costs associated with bandwidth, however in this decade conserving bandwidth costs has become minimal in comparison to other expenditures associated with IT. 

As a result, a common myth is that WAN optimisation, which is used to maximise the efficiency of data transfer efficiencies across WAN networks, with the aim of optimising to speed up access detrimental to the success of applications and information transfers, is that they are no longer necessary. Instead, many IT agencies are opting to just buy bandwidth with the idea that performance will always be better.

Consider this…
Your employees, with the knowledge that bandwidth ranges are higher, are more likely to utilise as much bandwidth as is provided, irrespective of whether use is for business or personal purposes. Without an accurate monitoring, controlling or studying system in place this could result in major performance issues which in turn could result in performance loss and in turn profit loss.
WAN optimisation – what does it cover? 
  • Compression – Shrinking the mass of data being used so that bandwidth is not compromised and is kept to a limited ratio.
  • Reducing replicated data – Otherwise known as deduplication, WAN optimisation appliances replace larger pieces of data with smaller pieces following identification of deduplication algorithms when data patterns from a file are recognised again.
  • Network monitoring – Through detection of non-essential traffic, WAN optimisation applications are able to limit bandwidth so that it is able to shape the higher priority traffic which is then able to be used through the bandwidth.
  • Data caching – This involves locally hosting or serving data for that which is frequently used.
  • Rules – Implementing and enforcing rules concerning downloads and internet use. 
Looking at bandwidth only irradiates many components such as control of network usage, application performance and improved employee productivity which is why if you work in an IT environment such as a data centre that deals with high volumes of traffic on a network or server, considering WAN optimisation could be the solution for you.

Should you be suffering with overloaded networks from a multitude of applications already, it can be difficult to maintain consistent performance and on a budget too.
Here are some significant points to consider: 

  • Improve – Real time applications and software like voice and video platforms such as Sharepoint are becoming increasingly more sensitive to delays which can all aid poor performance of your applications. Reducing dormant traffic is vital to ensuring the most improved levels of software and application performance across numerous network locations. However, without being able to see the applications that are currently in use on your network or sever your IT team will be unable to establish which should be prioritised or limited to enable your bandwidth to function at its most optimum level.
  • Increase – Cutting off access to time-wasting applications, software, servers and websites could be the key to increasing your workforce’s productivity levels. While ensuring that your data software and applications perform reliable to ensure that employees aren’t bored idly waiting throughout slow loading periods or unreliable connections. Allocating accurate bandwidth amounts to the correct users, applications and servers at the right time will ensure that there are no issues with productivity or performance both for applications and staff.
  • Maintain – Implementing optimisation systems following improvements and increases to productivity levels will also involve regular maintenance to ensure that applications, servers, websites, software and staff are fully compliant with the terms of your bandwidth use. With WAN optimisation systems from Kedron you can avoid disobedient use of your network by restricting, controlling and maintaining certain behaviour.

Defer bandwidth upgrades, save money and reduce risk of downtime with our WAN optimisation options.
With one of our premium partners, Exinda, as a reselling partner we are able to provide accurate bandwidth optimisation, acceleration, compression and network optimisation to ensure that your organisation can function efficiently, gain visibility and accelerate your WAN traffic. With numerous products from Exinda available, we are happy to discuss with you the most cost effective and successful option for you.
If you manage a data centre or require efficient network connectivity and performance. Contact Kedron UK today.

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