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Challenges to the network optimisation

Information technology is expanding at an exponential rate with more and more applications consuming larger amounts of network bandwidth. This can lead to wider ranging challenges being faced and increased stress on the network architecture of an organisation, due to the larger volumes of data being produced by such applications.

Network optimization is a critical element in the effective management of such information systems, a process which maximises the benefit of the network while reducing operation costs.

This can be achieved through but isn’t limited to; process mapping, infrastructure auditing, network design and WAN acceleration, all methods of Network optimisation.

Many IT management companies will use Quality of Service (QoS), Computer Operating Systems (CoS) and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) which can provide sufficient performance across the WAN infrastructure, however we at Kedron UK are often contacted by clients who have already implemented such services yet still experience problems with their network.

Being knowledgable about all methods of network optimisation we understand that these issues can be due to varied factors such as time of day, particular applications or unique affects on user activity stemming from increased traffic flows due to large national or international events.

This is where we use our unique advisory service to focus on key applications, optimising certain aspects where required, designing dynamic systems which are reinforced against certain eventualities caused by such applications or events to protect delivery of essential business and industry traffic. 

What does Kedron use? 
Working in conjunction with our close partner Exinda who focus on WAN network optimization, we at Kedron UK can allow an organisation to gain visibility, manage bandwidths and increase WAN traffic essential for everyday business running with one seamless appliance.
Should you be faced with a situation whereby your current network needs to be optimized in order to protect key business services and applications, we can help you understand the issues your network faces and implement a network structure to aid seamless running.
As explained, this can involve working in close conjunction with Exinda to gain passive visibility services on your entire network to gather the necessary information about your WAN traffic in order to classify any issues which may be affecting the functionality of your IT network.
This information gathered then enables Kedron to design a comprehensive optimization process which will provide the necessary network improvements your network or business requires for seamless day-to-day running even at points of surging traffic.
How will the network optimization process be implemented?
Radically executing a strategy for your network in order to improve output can severely damage teh way that you network runs which is why we gradually introduce such policies into your natural working environment to prove the solutions to our findings.
Our service doesn’t just stop with implementation – Kedron UK will completely install, project manage and configure the optimization process while continuously working with your business, industry or company to ensure that you continue to get the return on your investment with us.
Even larger WAN bandwidth clients require more than what usual QoS and MPLS providers can provide which is why we actively promote our partner, Exinda, who can work with you to develop sophisticated policies to suit your environment will applying acceleration and caching to relevant applications.
We want to help you protect, prioritise and accelerate your traffic flows, to ensure service requirements are fulfilled while maximising the balance between network performance and network costings.
For further information about our network and application optimisation service and our various products, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Kedron UK who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and how we can cater our services to suit your needs.

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