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Why Do Network and Application Monitoring Projects Fail?

It would be fair to say that a big challenge that KedronUK face when working with new Clients, is that many have been “burnt” in the past when trying to successfully deploy a Network or Application Performance Monitoring solution.

The projects are usually prompted and given budget to begin with, because the organisation has suffered a high profile outage or issue. Therefore, the project itself is usually by nature high profile, and this means that the pressure is on! 

Most organisations are extremely diligent in producing Requests for Information (RFI) documents, viewing presentations and demonstrations and then evaluating shortlisted solutions. So why do projects go wrong? Why do so many organisations we consult with tell us they have not got a satisfactory Return on Investment from their previously purchased solutions? 

In most cases we usually find that the answer is not because the “wrong” software has been selected (although this does happen too). After all, customers have been through a comprehensive selection process like the one described above. 

Instead, KedronUK often find that what lets down a project is insufficient installation, configuration, support and training services and especially an absence of adequate project planning on the provider side. 

We would go as far saying that selecting the right software is just 50% of the success criteria. The other 50% is selecting an expert partner who understands your business, your technology landscape, and that has the right processes in place to ensure a successful project.

So, if that makes sense, you’ll now be wondering how you make sure the provider you are working with has all these attributes, so below are KedronUK's 3 top tips to find one:

  • Process - Ask for a description of the providers Professional Service Processes. Make sure they are logical, allow for custom requirement input and take into account pre-sales, delivery, and post-sales support. KedronUK describe their own processes as Plan, Provide and Assure.
  • Project Planning - Make sure there is proper project planning, including a project plan, statement of work with inclusion of defined deliverables and clear prerequisites. KedronUK offer a dedicated Project Management Service. Ask for example documentation to be sure.
  • Case Studies - Check out relevant Case Studies. Even better request direct contact with a previous customer/s of the provider. Click here to read some of the KedronUK Customer Case Studies.
If you would like more advice on how you can make sure your project runs successfully, get in touch with our team of experts who offer a Free Technical Assessment of your unique situation. 

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