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Whose Fault is it Anyway?

Establishing Problem Root Cause within IT Service Provider Relationships.

Our Technical Services Team spends a lot of our time consulting with IT Operation and Service Delivery Teams within large organisations.

As we work exclusively in Network and Application performance management, we are often called when our clients are not having the best of times, particularly when our emergency professional services, KedronSAS are engaged.

Our job is often to act as the intermediary, between different IT Teams (Server, Network, Database and Applications) who are involved in delivering a service to end-users. These clients use our focused technology and experience, to establish root cause and recommend remediation.

However, more and more the mediation is actually between clients and their multiple third parties; these can include WAN Providers, App Developers, Software / Platform as a Service Providers and Infrastructure Support companies.

According to a report commissioned by the Economist, it is common place for big business to outsource 50% of their IT function, so the problems we see are common.

We have found that the involvement of multiple parties’ often extends the time it takes to fix IT Service Performance issues. The key reasons for this are covered well by TechRepublic in this blog post.

Although the problems are complex, the solution doesn’t need to be; if companies are outsourcing so much anyway, why not outsource the difficult job of collating evidence to prove problem responsibility and ownership?

This approach is quicker, more cost effective and provides a non-biased approach, that all stakeholders can accept.

Read about how we helped a Local Government organisation in a similar scenario by downloading our Case Study


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