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Here at Kedron we are specialists in combining the most modern technology and expert knowledge so that we can provide our customers with increased visibility and control across their network.
Kedron is a partner of the Ixia company in the UK and Ireland, which means that we can offer full installation and configuration of Ixia services.

Who are Ixia?
Ixia make test systems for both wireless and wired services; they test IP networks for reliability and security.

Here at Kedron one of the Ixia solutions that we provide is the Anue Net Tool Optimizer (also known as NTO). This system provides the network manager with access to information about how their applications are performing.
The Anue optimiser connects a data centre network to monitoring tools so that it can filter and reduce duplicates of network traffic using a filtering and de-duplication ability that is completely unique to this tool.
One of the reasons that the Anue NTO’s patented filtering, de-duplication technology is so popular is that it is powered by a straightforward, drag-and-drop management system which makes managing one’s data centre simple and saves IT time. Less time wasted and more effective tools of course means better value for money.
Using Ixia hardens security and therefore helps to protect your network from viruses by monitoring performance and troubleshooting problems.
At Kedron we provide thorough User Training and Technical Account Management services so that our customers will continue to benefit and gain as much as they can from their new Ixia solution long after they have purchased it. If you have any questions about IXIA, or if you want to find more information about how you can have it installed into your business, please contact us. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you and answer any of your questions.

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