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Configuration Management by using StableNet Enterprise


Network Infrastructure is increasing in size, heterogeneity and complexity. Managing them becomes increasingly difficult. The management applications need to get smarter and smarter to meet the growing demands of the industry. With end-to-end solution and scalability being the order of the day, it becomes important that the management application addresses these aspects. One of the important service that has to meet this demand is Configuration Management. So, following details are about one of the end-to-end solution which also gives configuration management facility.

What StableNet provides for Configuration Management?

Accurate inventory is essential to an IT department. An accurate inventory depends on having a single, trusted repository.

At this point StableNet performs really well. It's discovery capabilities include some powerful and flexible tools that allow you to determine exactly what StableNet will monitor, and how the sub-elements will be labelled and grouped. These capabilities make it possible to automatically initiate data collection, threshold monitoring, and reporting on discovered elements. StableNet® performs topology discovery in the managed network. During discovery, each managed device is probed to determine its configuration and its relationship to other managed elements. With this information,StableNet creates instances and a dependency model.
This simplifies event correlation: there are no rules to be programmed and the event subsystem guarantees that critical problems are always identified. The discovery automatically finds network devices and network topology.

The discovery consists of two layers:
• Device Discovery
• Topology and Network Discovery

The StableNet Activation Module (AM) consist of a built-in provisioning engine and a plug-able orchestration layer. The built-in provisioning module is using XML JOBs to create, read, update and delete (CRUD) configurations on networked elements. The plug-able orchestration layer gives users the flexibility to optimize the AM to their project and site specific particularities. The optimization can be of technical nature, can relate to business processes or budgetary. The key benefits of device configuration XML JOBs is to allow the predefinition of JOBs for recurring tasks in form of XML templates. The actual JOB can then be configured, respectively parameterized using a dynamically generated graphical user interface (GUI).

Another great thing about this tool is that Performance Management and Fault Management are also part of this configuration management tool.

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